Use the power of Data Cloud to drive experiences across the Customer 360

APAC + India AI Solutions Camp Day 1: Main Session

Salesforce and Accenture are thrilled to invite you to AI Solutions Camp, a 2-day enablement event to learn how to position generative AI as an opportunity for customers to rapidly and responsibly achieve greater growth, efficiency and resilience.

On Day 1, you’ll discover Accenture’s thought-provoking data & AI perspective, understand Gen AI use cases with greater depth, explore how to navigate customer conversations.
On Day 2, you’ll hear from the Product team and get a closer look at the technical capabilities of our own Salesforce Data & AI technology.
Main Session Agenda:
-Luminary Chat: Rowena Westphalen | SVP Solution Engineering Salesforce, Deepak Pargaonkar | VP Solution Engineering Salesforce and Lan Guan | Chief AI Officer Accenture
-Accenture Data and AI Insights
-Navigating Customer Conversations
-Our Partnership in Action

Link to Main Session Deck: