Use the power of Data Cloud to drive experiences across the Customer 360

Einstein GPT Office Hours: Data Cloud + AI Use Cases Industry POV Double Click

Join us to learn more about use cases for AI+ Data + CRM specific to Industries. We covered:

-AI+ Data + CRM Why, What, How
-HLS Use Cases
-Technology Use Cases
-Utilities Use Cases
-POV Resources + CTA


Sanjay Savani - Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture
Sushma Karanam - Principal Enterprise Architect
Venkata Aduri - Distinguished Enterprise Architect
Edward Scheidelman - Distinguished Enterprise Architect
Mike Rose - Senior Director, TAs

Office Hours Objective:
- Consolidate great content for your customer conversations.
- Showcase the latest updates to pilots and roadmaps.
- Devote significant time to answering Solutions questions about Einstein.