Use the power of Data Cloud to drive experiences across the Customer 360

Data Cloud 242 (Spring '23) Technical Release Enablement Deep Dive

Watch this session as the Salesforce Product Team dives deeper into the features and capabilities of the Data Cloud 242 (Spring '23) Release.

Be sure to use the playlist (hover over the left hand upper corner) for a menu of topics if you’d like to jump to a particular feature.

The features covered in the recording include
- SFTP Connector
- Data Bundles for Commerce
- Data Spaces
- Fully Qualified Keys
- Identity Resolution Enhancements
- Bring Your Own AI/ML Model
- Customizable Propensity Scores
- Segmentation Enhancements: Rapid Segments & Segment Lookalikes
- Data Cloud Advertising
- Google Audience Insights
- Email & Journey Action with Lookup
- Calculated Insights Enhancements
- Change Data Triggered Actions
- Advanced Queries for Tableau
- Workflow Orchestration


Direct link to this deep dive recording: