Use the power of Data Cloud to drive experiences across the Customer 360

Data Cloud Everywhere - Use Cases

Total Duration: 9:24
Jake Koeneman provides overview of Data Cloud architecture and walks through use case examples.

0:00 - 2:34 - Walkthrough of left-to-right architecture
2:35 - Streaming data use cases: Web behavior - Salesforce on Salesforce marketing example, Fins example. Based on customer showing interest in product and informing selling teams know
3:54 - Streaming data use cases: Devices - Ford connected vehicles, meter data - utilities companies, appliance manufacturing
5:00 - LWC (Lightning Web Connector) - enables viewing contextual data. Allows bringing together multiple instances of sales and service or multiple teams, pharma example - key statistics = baseball card
5:53 - Examples based on customer behaviors: Service - when to manage with a bot vs. live human interaction, Fins - when bank account reaches a certain amount, recommending new actions and changing status.
7:05 - Time series data - Health Cloud - monitoring health scores, AirBNB pro-hosts managing bookings volume
7:54 - Principal Finance example - providing more contextual data to sellers across product lines