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AI Academy: Solutions Masterclass - Day 1 Part 1

Salesforce and Accenture are thrilled to invite you to AI Academy, a 2-day enablement masterclass designed to unlock the secrets of effective joint selling of Generative AI.

On Day 1, you’ll discover Accenture’s thought-provoking data & AI perspective, understand Gen AI use cases with greater depth, and explore how to navigate customer conversations.

Day 1 Agenda:

Part 1:
Introduction & Session Overview: Peter Doolan (EVP Solutions & Industry, Salesforce), Louise Barrere (Manager Director, Accenture)
Luminary Chat: Lan Guan (Chief AI Officer, Accenture), Peter Doolan
Accenture Data & AI Insights: Lan Guan (Chief AI Officer, Accenture)

Part 2:
Navigating Customer Conversations: Louise Barrere, Ryan Powell (Managing Director, Global Innovation Lead, Accenture), Michelle Collins (Sr. Director, Solution Engineering, Salesforce), Christine Magnuson (Sr. Director, Solution Engineering, Salesforce)
Our Partnership in Action: Ryan Powell, Louise Barrere, Michelle Collins
CTA & Next Steps: Ryan Powell, Louise Barrere, Michelle Collins